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DIY T Track Table with Storage

This DIY T track table does it all! It uses the Rockler T track top for clamping, shelves for storage, and wheels to move it around the shop or garage!

DIY T track table with storage

I'm always improving my workshop, and this is my biggest upgrade yet! I created a mobile workbench with tons of storage, plus a T track top and accessories to make assembly a breeze. Don't forget to download the woodworking plans below so you can build your own!

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In a small workshop like mine, every inch counts. When each tool has a home, they're easier to find and more likely to be put away properly. I never have to hunt for sandpaper anymore thanks to my sander and sandpaper storage box, and my cordless drills have their own spots too. Even my table saw has storage now, thanks to my DIY table saw stand!

sander and sandpaper storage

But my collection has grown, and these new tools were getting dumped into the corner or shuffled around and lost. They need their own homes!

I was also running into another problem. My Kreg workbench is great, but has its limitations. I can only clamp along the outside edges, and the narrow surface makes it difficult to build larger pieces.

Kreg workbench

Luckily, Rockler makes the perfect workbench top with built in T-tracks for clamping in any position! They hooked me up with all the clamps and accessories I needed to create the ultimate mobile assembly table for my workshop!

t-track accessories from Rockler

Here's how to make your own mobile workbench with storage!

Materials Needed for DIY workbench

How to Make a T track table with Storage

Download the Plans

Before I start any build, I make a 3D model in SketchUp first. I started by measuring all the tools I wanted to store, and came up with a configuration that would fit them all with room to grow.

I've included the model of my exact set up, plus a blank one so you can customize the shelves to fit your needs. You can get the woodworking plans by clicking the button below!

t track table plans download box

Drill Pocket Holes

There are a LOT of pocket holes in this build! I could have used dados, but I wanted flexibility in the shelf placement. 

The base of the t track table is shaped like an H, with a divider through the center. That divider gets pocket holes drilled all the way around.

center divider of mobile workbench with pocket holes around perimeter

The sides have pocket holes on one end, and the bottom and all the shelves have pocket holes in both of the shorter ends. Check the plans to make sure you have them all in the right spots. It's easier to drill them all at once, rather than going back and forth to the pocket hole jig!

drilling holes in sides of workbench

Build the Base

Start by attaching the bottom piece to the sides with 1 ¼" pocket hole screws. I used Rockler's corner clamping jig to hold the sides in place while I screwed everything together.

bottom and sides of DIY workbench in corner clamps ready for assembly

These Clamp-It clips hold the corners together at the top, and act as another set of hands!

corner clamps holding plywood pieces of DIY workbench together

Next, slide the center divider in between the two sides and position it at the depth you want your shelves to be. Hold the middle piece vertically by clamping a square against it while you drive in the screws.

square clamped to inside of DIY workbench

Finally, attach the top of the box with more pocket hole screws. You could just use the T-track top, but I wanted the extra stability underneath.

screwing top to sides of workbench with pocket hole screws

Attach the Shelves

Each shelf in this DIY workbench is custom sized to fit my tools, so your configuration may be different. I just placed each item inside the base (like this scroll saw) and marked the height plus an inch or so of wiggle room.

marking height of scroll saw on DIY workbench shelf

Then I used the squares and clamps to hold the shelf at that height while I screwed it in place.

first shelf of DIY workbench being installed

I didn't have a specific tool in mind for the other two shelves, so they're just installed evenly in between.

three shelves on one side of the DIY workbench installed
t track table plans download box

The other side of the rolling workbench will house my Festool Systainers (I'm always searching Craigslist for deals on these tools!), and small part bins. I measured the width of the boxes first.

Festool systainers stacked inside DIY workbench

Then I added a divider down the middle, using a square to keep everything straight.

screwing divider into DIY workbench with a square to keep it straight

Install these shorter shelves starting at the top, so it's easier to reach the pocket holes. Make sure you leave enough space to get your fingers around the bins to pull them out! You could also use a shelf pin jig to make the shelves adjustable.

small parts bins with their own shelves in a DIY workbench

Each systainer now has its own shelf, instead of stacking them all up in the corner!

DIY workbench shelves with Festool boxes

Install the Workbench Casters

Almost all the big pieces in my workshop, like the miter saw stand and the benchtop tool stand, are on casters. This is great for mobility, but sometimes I find them a bit too mobile! Even when the wheels are locked, they can still move around when a little force is applied. 

t track table plans download box

This time, I'm using these workbench casters from Rockler instead. They lift up the entire workbench when you want to move it, but it rests fully on the ground when you want stability!

mobile workbench casters

Since the sides of the mobile workbench are only ¾" thick, I doubled it up with scrap plywood under the brackets. Predrill holes through the scrap pieces first, then clamp them to the sides at the height indicated in the instructions.

clamping scrap wood to side of DIY workbench for casters

Screw the casters to the side of the workbench through the predrilled holes in the scrap wood.

Rockler workbench caster installed on DIY workbench

When it's time to move it out of the way, you can put your workbench on wheels with a press of your toe! (sparkly Chucks optional, of course! 😉 )

engaging workbench casters with toe of shoe

Attach the T-Track Top

I had originally planned to screw the T-track top on straight through the plywood top, but the shelves were in the way! Luckily, I had a few of these small L brackets laying around the shop, so I used those instead.

T track top attached to workbench with L brackets

Attach Accessories to the Sides

I really wanted to make this the perfect assembly table for all my builds. That means keeping everything I need close at hand! 

t track table plans download box

One side will hold the "glue and screw" supplies. I'll be using Rockler's Lock-Align storage bins and glue caddy that hook into the wall brackets securely.

Rockler storage bins, glue caddy and wall bracket

The bracket attaches right to the side of the workbench. I can either grab the glue bottle and screws straight from there, or remove the bins entirely to bring them up to the work surface.

glue caddy and screw bins on side of mobile workbench

Below that is the bench cookie storage center. I'm ALWAYS losing these, so it will be great to have them all in one spot!

Rockler bench cookie storage rack on side of rolling workbench

The other side of the mobile workbench will house all the t-track attachments. They easily clip into the slots on these racks.

DIY workbench with t-track top and accessories mounted on side

T track table In Action

I'm amazed at how functional and useful this mobile assembly table is! It combines everything I wanted into one compact unit!

DIY workbench with storage shelves
DIY workbench with shelves

All that extra storage is great, but this is no ordinary workbench! The T-track top will keep my work in place while I sand, saw and screw.

workbench top

I can clamp anywhere on the t track top, instead of being limited to the outside edge. Corner stops keep two pieces square, and hold down clamps prevent the parts from moving vertically.

t track clamps on workbench top

One of my favorite features is the combination of work gripper cookies, t-track risers and the flex hold arm. Now I can use the jigsaw without accidentally cutting into the workbench top, and the Dust Right wall mount dust collector whisks away sawdust at the same time!

cutting with jigsaw on workbench with dust collector hose

If I'm working on a messy glue up or painting a project, I just roll out the silicone mat to catch any drips before it gets in the tracks.

silicone mat on workbench top with wood glue

When I'm done for the day, the whole workbench rolls right next to the window and out of the way!

rolling workbench under window with wall mount dust collector

I'm really happy with how my workshop is shaping up! I still have a couple more shop storage projects planned, but it's getting there! 🙂

t track table plans download box

Armelda Johnson

Wednesday 30th of October 2019

How much did it cost to make this work bench?


Wednesday 30th of October 2019

At a bare minimum, the two sheets of plywood runs about $60 and the screws are less than $10. Adding the t-track top from Rockler is around $200 (if you get it on sale), and the attachments vary in price.

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